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Extract Jpeg Bmp Psd from Pdf 6.9

A simple tool to create image files out of the pages of your PDF documents
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While a large number of extraction tools wrongly call themselves “conversion tools”, converters such as Extract Jpeg Bmp Psd from Pdf confuse potential users by describing themselves as image extraction utilities. Programs that extract the audio stream out of a DVD proudly claim to be “video to audio converters” – as if this was possible! And programs that “take a snapshot” of a full text page (with or without images) and save it as an image file, define what they do as “extracting images out of a document”. To add to our confusion, tools that do select the images embedded in a document and save them as separate image files are widely available! So, if this is the type of tool you are looking for, look somewhere else.

Extract Jpeg Bmp Psd from Pdf does not extract images – it creates new images out of your PDF documents. Each page in your PDF will become an image file, regardless of what is in the page – text, images, or both. It is true that some PDF files are nothing but a series of image files (even if all you can see in them is text) put together to look like a book, and that may well be the reason why the program produced page-size image files when it should be extracting the pictures. Wrong. Even fully-tagged PDF documents are transformed into JPG/BMP renditions of their pages. I am sure that this functionality is just as useful as any other – I just wish things were called by their name.

The interface is simple, as simple as the functionality offered in the free trial version used for this review. The output formats available are just JPG/JPEG and BMP (no trace of a PSD Photoshop output), and the quality of the images is acceptable. Regrettably, there is no way of customizing the size or the level of quality of the images, as no settings of any kind are offered to the user. However, the program promises a wide range of extra functionality to those who register their copy, though it is not explained anywhere what these new features may be.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports batch conversion
  • Simple interface


  • The program's performance speed leaves ample room for improvement
  • PSD (Photoshop document) is not available in the list of output formats
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